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Voucher FAQs

Can I add more money onto a voucher?

No. The Balthazar Wollongong voucher is selected at the time of purchase.

Can I buy something that costs more or less than the value on my voucher?

Yes. when using your Balthazar Wollongong voucher, if the value of the voucher is less than the total purchase amount, the total value of the voucher will be subtracted from the amount owing and supplemental form of payment will be required. Where purchases are made in which the value of the voucher is greater than the total purchase amount, bar credit will be provided in situations where the remaining value is greater than $5.00 AUD. Balthazar Wollongong reserves the right to retain the remaining value of a voucher where the value is less than $5.00 AUD and donate the remaining funds to the Illawarra International Womens Day.

Can I collect my order from the Balthazar Wollongong bar?

Yes. You can collect your voucher from the Balthazar Wollongong venue when we are open during regular operating hours.

Can I get my money refunded?

No. Balthazar Wollongong vouchers are not refundable.

Can I order a Balthazar Wollongong voucher if I live internationally?

No. Currently Balthazar Wollongong only supports delivery of vouchers domestically in Australia.

Can I provide a personal message with the voucher?

Unfortunatly no, the voucher has limited space for the voucher amount and expiry date, the docket has not been designed to incorperate personal messaging.

Can I redeem Balthazar Wollongong vouchers online or for prepaid events?

No. Balthazar Wollongong vouchers can only be used at the bar to pay for food and or drinks.

Can I withdraw money from my Balthazar Wollongong voucher?

No. The Balthazar Wollongong voucher can be used for making purchases only.

Can you reissue an invoice/receipt?

Yes. Please email Proof of purchase will be requested to be able to obtain either.

Does the voucher expire?

A Balthazar Wollongong voucher expires 36 months (3 years) from the date of issue, as per Australian Consumer Laws (NSW Fair Trading). The date of issue appears on the back of the card.

How do I know how much money is left on my voucher?

The initail value of the voucher will be printed on the voucher docket, when spent at the bar, the service staff will inform the voucher owner the remaining bar credit available where the value of the voucher was greater than their order purchase amount.

How do I track my order once it has been dispatched?

Delivery to the Greater Wollongong/Illawarra region will be hand delivery and outside the area standard Australia Post will be used. To find out delivery details please email us at

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